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Floral Art Forum bloc y su articulo de artesaniaflorae

Floral Art Forum

Aqui un articulo publicado en Floral Art Forum de artesaniaflorae. Es en ingles pero es interesante 😀

Floral Art Forum wants to introduce an interesting floral designer Jukka Heinonen, 46, from Finland, who nowadays lives in Spain and does awesome floral work there. He has lived in Spain over 10 years. He lives in Tarragona. Earlier he has lived in Switzerland as well. He has trained his floral design skills with many floral art masters such as Gregor Lersch and Per Benjamin.

Nowadays he is a freelance florist. He is working all over Spain and Europe. His clients are businesses, consumers and flower shops. Over the years he has participated in different Landart Festivals and Flower Festivals (Grindelwald-CH, Girona-ES, Sitges-ES etc.) He also gives courses in floral design. The concept in his of floral work is that normally he likes to work more with recycled material and different kind of green materials (fresh/dry).

Puesdes continuar a lleyendo mas aqui 🙂

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